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Yaga Studio

Tri Nguyen
Tri is our 3D Technical Artist.

Is the digital sculptor and puppet master of our virtual worlds with Unity3D and Blender mastery.
Huyen Hoang
Huyen is our 2D Graphics Designer.

Crafter of sleek designs, intuitive interfaces, and 2D animations across digital and printed realms.
Viviana Hochst├Ątter
Vivi is our Producer.

She is expertly coordinating multidisciplinary teams with the precision of Robin Hood's arrow splitting an apple.
Katharina Weser
Katharina is our Executive Producer.

She expertly navigates the seas of budgeting and financing to anchor projects with prosperity.
Georg Neubert
Georg is our Executive Producer and Story Developer.

Master storyteller and connector, molding ideas into reality with a creative spark.
Julio Quiroz
Julio is our Head of Development.

Unity3D and technology wizard conjuring immersive experiences with touches of shader sorcery.

Hi there!

We are a multicultural team pushing creative boundaries by crafting content in a variety of areas: Cinema, Games, and XR Experiences.

(We also love to cook for each other)